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Chest hair






It’s a question I’m asked all the time. I tell people Chest Hair Friday is exposing yourself to the possibility of adventure. That it’s not about how much chest hair you have, or even being a man, but how willing you are to let it all hang out. I say Chest Hair Friday is the rejection of buttoned-up conformity.

But that’s a lot of telling, and I’ve always been more of a shower. We created this project as one long answer to the question “What is Chest Hair Friday.” The stories, photographs, art, and jokes inside our Zine, on our podcast, and at our events tell the story of Chest Hair Friday. All are animated by the core values of Chest Hair Friday: a sense of adventure and insatiable curiosity.  

This generalism is a feature of Chest Hair Friday, not a bug. Our echo chambers aren’t just political, and it’s easy to be lulled into complacent clicking when everything in your feed is in the meaty part of your comfort zone. We wanted to create a jumping off point, a place where adventures begin.  We hope our work will help you see that complacency is the enemy, and curiosity your best friend. 

Thanks for coming along on the adventure with us. Now get out there and live every day like it’s Chest Hair Friday.